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Angelika Dgina Scottish Fold colour: turtle marble (n22)
Gold Queen Black Diamond scottish fold colour: gold tabby (sfs ny24)
Rumfold Frosty Tenderness Scottish fold color: tortoise spotty mink with the white
Rumfold Nona, Highland straight, color: black marble turtle with the white
Bett Porter Scottish Fold, Int.Ch. Color: tortoise marble (SFS f 22)
Tina Kennard, Scottish Fold, color: silvery marble turtle (SFS fs22)
CH. Day&Night Tiger Scottish Fold color cs24
Int.Ch. Day&Night Gabriella Manchkin (ns11)
Int.CH.Day&Night Astrid Scottish straight colour silver-chocolate (sfs 71 bs22)
Int.CH.Day&Night Liza-Mandarin Scottish Straight black marble (sfs 71 n22)
Gr.Int.Ch.Day&Night Michel Rosali Scottish Straight (SFS 71 ns 11)
Gr.Int.Ch.Day&Night Basia Scottish fold color blue torte (sfs g)
INT.CH. Day&Night Mona Scottish straight black marble (SFS 71 n 22)
DAy&Night Dgoslin Scottish Fold Silver-Chocolate marble (SFS bs 22)
CH.Day&Night Vesta SFS ns 22
CH.Day&Night Lusiena Scottish fold
Sakura Scottish Straight
April Munchkin-Fold colour: Arlekin
DayNight 2018