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Munchkin fold and munchkin straight - the Cat who subdued a world !

Cat who subdued a world ! Doll attractive face, densely pressed ears to the head - mucnhkin fold! Or standing ears - munchkin straight! These cats subdued a world , at the moment they live absolutely in the different countries. These are far America, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Great Britain, and of course Russia (Vladivostok, Moscow) This is new kind of breeding! And we did it fist in Russia. 8 generation!-its really cool! The idea was as follows: to create a cat toy, a cat doll, a cat friend. Cat must be healthy, on strong extremities. For everything Bambino cat breed created by felinologists of America is known long ago (a naked cat on short legs). In difference from bambino, manchkin (fold and straight) have short plush (short-haired) or long silky (long-haired) wool. Character - from god, no, they are gods. Tender - as dogs, thus quietly understand and don't take offense if the owner is occupied, clever (understand and recognize the speech), for fans to walk with the pet on fashionable parties or it is simple on park - are ideal, adore sitting in fashionable handbags, and also to walk in a breast-band near the owner. These cats and for families with kids are ideal, you present a cat who purrs in the child's hands, he swaddles her and rolls on a bed, and the cat - is happy, lies to herself quietly. What to speak, about other pets. Manchkin fold&straight quickly get used to new friends, they should make sure only that your new friend to you isn't dangerous and loves you also strongly. As for a bed then as accustom. If the kid slept with you on a pillow, at a neck or on you, of course the new pet can lay down nearby, but not on that place on which sleeps munchkin. Besides very delicately, without claws, the kid on short, but strong pads will explain who in the house the owner. In what the leading factory owner Aleksandra Viktorovna promises us to tell a secret of new exclusive breed in the following interview, she lovely kisses the cats and very much to be proud of them! "My work on this program began 8 years ago, I always dreamed itself of such kitten. I can tell that in a breeding to the program at least 5 different, absolutely different breeds and of course manchkina participated. I dreamed of a cat - a doll which will bring harmony and beauty to my house, will be to me the friend always. At the moment breed young, improvements in colors still are coming, I like difficult, rare colors. It is pleasant to me that my cats - are loved." For breeding we sell kittens only in other country! We did not sell for breeding in Russia! Please do your work yourself guys! Thanke you for understanding!

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