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Cat who subdued a world! 
The doll attractive face, densely pressed ears to the head - munchkin fold! 
Or standing ears - munchkin straight!
These cats subdued a world , at present they live absolutely in the different countries.  These are far America, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Great Britain,Italy,Canada and certainly Russia (Vladivostok, Moscow) 
The idea was is as follows: to create a cat toy, a cat doll.  Thus healthy, on strong extremities. 
For everything the cat breed of Bambino created breeders of America (a naked cat on short legs) is known long ago. 
In difference from bambino, munchkin (fold or straight) have short plush (short-haired) or long silky (long-haired) wool. Character - from god, no, they are gods. Tender - as dogs, thus quietly understand and don't take off ... Read more »
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